Privacy Policy

Effective date: October 01, 2016

GreedyMe’s goal is to make it easy for our users to find suitable gifts that the recipient (other users) would actually like.

To achieve this aim, our ‘Users’ capture, copy and share ‘Items’ they desire.  Users then assign each item to one or more ‘View Permission’ group enabling other users to see (or not see) the items.  Any GreedyMe user can view items assigned the View Permissions of ‘Favourites’ and ‘Public’, however adding other users as a ‘Contact’, and assigning these contacts to other view permission groups, (e.g. ‘Family’, ‘Friends’), gives our users further control over who can view what.

An ‘Item’ could be;

 a physical object - e.g. book, the latest iPhone, favourite chocolate or flowers

 an experience - e.g. holiday to Paris, drive an F1 car or favourite restaurant

 an ambition - pass driving test, learn to play guitar or become CEO


  • Collecting, storing and sharing ‘Information’ (including User Provided Content), is a fundamental part in providing our ‘Services’.  This policy explains how we do this, what is collected & how it is used, what methods we use to protect that information and what options are available to you in relation to your information.

  • Posting inappropriate, illegal or offensive content may result in a suspension of your account and may be referred to the relevant police/law enforcement agency with all pertinent information and content preserved and passed onto them.  Refer Also – Legal Requests

  • This Policy applies to users, visitors or anyone accessing our services.




Information you provide directly to us:

  • Your e-mail address and a password.  

Your email address may be used for communications between GreedyMe and you, such as, when you request your password (forgotten password request) or when we need to communicate a technical or service issue/update/change to you relating to our services.  Please note that there is no ‘Opt-Out’ or ‘unsubscribe’ facility for these email services.

We also use your email address to send you reminders or special offers.  These services include the ability to ‘Opt-Out’.

Your email address is not shared with other users or passed on to third parties, however your email address is visible in the GreedyMe ‘Login’ screen of any devices which you have previously used to login to GreedyMe unless you have explicitly deleted yourself from the device or the GreedyMe app has subsequently been removed.

Other Users who know your email address can use this information to search for you within our service. This address must be entered exactly as no ‘hints’ or ‘auto-completes’ are provided by our service.

  • Your user profile details: first name, last name (optional), picture (optional), phone number (optional).

This information is used to help others "find" you on GreedyMe.  

The names and image that you supply to us will be used by us in our ‘People You May Know’ feature.  This feature guesstimates other users that may know you and then supplies these users with the name and image that you have supplied to us.

You may choose to supply us with your phone number so users who know this number can use it to search for you within our service. This number must be entered exactly as no ‘hints’ or ‘auto-completes’ are provided by our service.

  • Your country.

Your country information is also used to provide you with gift options more specific to your country or region.

  • Your date of birth.

This information is used by us to provide age appropriate content and restrict age inappropriate content.  

Your birthday information is also used by us to remind your direct contacts of your upcoming birthday each year.  This reminder is via their news feed a few weeks prior to the event.

Your birthday may also be used by us to send you email reminders about keeping your GreedyMe Wish-list up to date as other users will soon be reviewing these details.  This service includes the ability to ‘Opt-Out’.

  • User Content (e.g., images, descriptions, comments and other materials) that you post to the Service.​

All ‘Content’ that you add to the service can be viewed by us and may be copied, edited or removed by us. 


All other users of the service can view, create copies of, reserve and share all ‘Item Content’ that you assign to the ‘Favourites’ or ‘Public’ – View Permission’ group.

Users defined in your Contact’s and assigned to a ‘View Permission’ group (e.g. ‘Family’, ‘Friends’) can also view, create copies of, reserve and share all ‘Item Content’ that you assign to the matching ‘View Permission’ group.  Please note that content that your contacts copy from you may then be copied by their contacts, (and so on), meaning that you should consider any content you post as becoming part of the public domain.

  • Contacts that you add to GreedyMe -  Additions, Requests and View Permissions.​

Other users of our service that you choose to add to your ‘Contacts’ will be able to:​

  1. view additional ‘Item’ content based on the ‘View Permission’ group you assign them to.

  2. see which ‘View Permission’ group you assign them to.


Contact relationship information will be analysed by us to predict other possible contact connections for our ‘People You May Know’ feature and to assist with predictive name searching.

  • Removing and changing information.

Information that you have posted (User Content, View Permissions, Email addresses, Profile Images, etc.) to GreedyMe which you later remove or change may remain accessible to other users of our services until you and the other users have completed full synchronisations with our services.

Analytical information:

  • We measure usage of our services via a number of ‘in house’ and ‘third party’ analytical tools. These tools collect information about which of our services are used, from which regions/countries, when, how often, for how long and the type of devices.  We collect and use this information to better understand which services are being used and which are or not being used, thus helping us to focus on adding and improving those services that people actual use.

  • We also monitor and measure user traffic to help us keep pace with infrastructure requirements.

The Analytical information is summarised and used in such a way so that individual users are not identified.


Updates and Product Version information:

  • A message to your current app’s metadata is sent by us whenever an update or a new version of the GreedyMe app becomes available.  This is so the current version can advise you of the update or new version and periodically remind you of this until the update or new version has been downloaded and installed.

Updates and new versions are an important part of continually improving and enhancing the experience for our users as they may contain new features, bug fixes, security fixes, performance improvements, etc. 


Third-party information:

  • Certain areas within our services will serve advertisements to your device whenever you access these areas and have an active internet connection.  These advertisements are placed on your device via our advertising partners who may use cookies or similar technologies.

  • Some usage analytics are supplied to us by third party providers.  When using our services, a variety of information is sent to these providers from your device.  This data is then supplied the data back to us in an aggregated form which does not identify individual users.



Storage and Processing:

  • Commercially reasonable safeguards are used by us to protected the information we collect.  

E.g. We verify your identity through the use of a passcode (which you can change) before permitting you access to your account and by keeping our software reasonably up-to-date with the latest security patches.

However, with security vulnerabilities being discovered (and mitigated) on a regular basis, GreedyMe can never 100% guarantee the security of any information that you (or other users) have transmitted to us. Nor are we able to guarantee that information we hold will not be maliciously accessed, altered, shared, or destroyed by unauthorised parties.

  • Being a global system, your information will very likely be transferred across borders and you should presume that it will.  Please be aware that your information may be transferred to regions with different laws governing data collection, privacy and data protection than those in your home region.

  • The information collected by us is processed and stored mainly in Australia but may be processed or stored in any other country in which GreedyMe engages 3-Party services.


Your Responsibilities - How you can help:

  • Keeping your passcode secret, and restricting access to any device you access our services through, all help us protect your data.  When selecting the option of ‘passcode not required for this device’ you accept and understand that other users who can access your device will also be able to access your GreedyMe account.

  • When you initiate a ‘Forgotten passcode request’,  your current passcode is sent to the email address you have registered with us (in user options).  Therefore it is important that you keep your email information up to date while also restricting access to your emails.



User Options:

  • Our service provides a ‘Settings’ menu.  From this menu you have the ability to change your Profile Image, Name, Country, Birthdate, Email Address, Password and Email ‘Opt-Out/Subscription’ options.

  • You can also ‘Opt-Out/Unsubscribe’ from our reminder and promotional email communications by clicking the "unsubscribe” link which appears at the end of such emails. However, communications relating directly to the service do not provide an ‘Opt-Out’ function, (e.g. password requests, reminders, changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices).  You can ‘Opt Back In’ or ‘Resubscribe’ via the Settings/Email Subscriptions menu.

  • You can report any content to us that you believe is offensive by clicking ‘Report Content As Offensive’ (found as a dropdown option in ‘Contact Item’ screen).  The content will be examined by us and may result in us removing the offending content and suspending the user.  When you use this feature, an ‘Offensive Content Advice’ record will be created which will record your user ID.  This information is used by us to communicate back to you the results of our examination but is not supplied to the user that the Offensive Content complaint is made about.

  • You can delete a user from a device via the Login screen’s delete option.  This will remove all information, including associated images, relating to that specific user from the device while leaving the data saved to GreedyMe untouched allowing you access to the information from other devices.  You always have the ability to log back into the same device in the future by ‘Add existing user to this device’ option.  A password is not requested when deleting a user from a device.  This is because  you, as the owner of the device, may wish to delete a user that was setup by a friend or relative, whom you had allowed to use your device at the time, and you may not know the password.  Also, if you accidentally deleted a user from a device, it is easy to reload them via the ‘Add existing user to this device’ option from the login menu.


How long we keep your User Content:

  • Your information is continued to be held by us even if you have removed the app from your device.  This information is held for at least 18 months, after which time inactive account information may be deleted or achieved.



It is important to note that this Privacy Policy relates to the services provided by GreedyMe and that we are not responsible for the practices employed by other services.  When linking to other services or web-sites, please be aware of their related Privacy Policies.


Please contact us via using the various email contact forms.  The reason for using this method, rather than direct email, is to prevent malicious auto-post programs from clogging our inboxes with SPAM.

Our contact forms include (inter alia):

  • Customer Services: for 

Privacy Policy queries

Offensive content correspondence

Advising of deceased or incapacitated users

  • Content Services: for 

Offensive content correspondence

Incorrect Bar Code or QR Information

  • Technical Services: for 

App Issues

Web-Site Issues


As this policy may be updated from time to time, we ask you to please review it periodically. We may also notify you of these updates if we deem the modification significant.  Your continued use of our Services after any modification to this Policy will constitute your acceptance of such modification.