For people who want to give the perfect gift, but don't know where to begin. 

GreedyMe’s goal is to make it easy for our users to find suitable gifts that the recipient (other users) would actually like.

We hope our app makes gift buying easy, gift giving a joy and gift receiving a pleasure.

To achieve this aim, our ‘Users’ capture, copy and share ‘Items’ they desire. Users then assign each item to one or more ‘View Permission’ group enabling other users to see (or not see) the items. Any GreedyMe user can view items assigned the View Permissions of ‘Favourites’ and ‘Public’, however adding other users as a ‘Contact’, and assigning these contacts to other view permission groups, (e.g. ‘Family’, ‘Friends’), gives our users further control over who can view what.

An ‘Item’ could be;

  • a physical object - e.g. book, the latest iPhone, favourite chocolate or flowers


  • an experience - e.g. holiday to Paris, drive an F1 car or favourite restaurant


  • an ambition - pass driving test, learn to play guitar or become CEO

With GreedyMe, you can be sure you give gifts your friends and family will love, and by adding items to your own wish list you can ensure you'll never have to return a gift again.